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Ultra ProLink Hi-Q 2 UM0019 Bluetooth Speaker with PowerBank

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PRODUCT ID : 22896
Ultra ProLink Hi-Q 2 UM0019 Bluetooth Speaker with PowerBank Price
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Model Name : Ultra ProLink Hi-Q 2 UM0019 Bluetooth Speaker with PowerBank

Features :

Bluetooth Mode
On powering on the device the speaker will go into pairing mode and the blue LED will blink continously.
Switch on Bluetooth on your hand held device and scan for UM0019. Once the pairing is successful it will announce it.
All incoming calls will be announced and the music will automatically pause and resume after the call.
Long pressing the arrow keys will adjust the volume. Short pressing the same keys will change tracks

MP3 Mode
Use a standard micro SD card to play your MP3 files. The card slot is spring loaded - push in to load, push in to unload.
All tracks will be stored & played back in the MP3 format.
Use the arrow keys to select track number.
Files can be stored onto and copied on the memory card by directly plugging into a computer using the cable provided and simply using the copy/paste function.

FM Radio
Select the FM mode by pressing the Mode (M) button till the device says ' Radio Mode'. Attach the micro usb cable for better reception as this acts like an antenna.
Long press the Play/Pause key to enter into auto scan mode. FM Scanner will automatically search & lock on all available frequencies .
Once the stations are memorized, toggle between them by short pressing the arrow keys.

Aux Input
The moment you will insert the audio cable provided, it will announce " Aux Cable Mode". Connect the other end of the cable to any 3.5mm source like a smartphone or MP3 player to enjoy your

Use the charging cable provided or any similar standard wire to back up your smartphone in an emergency. Plug one end into the USB out port and the micro usb end into your device.

Warranty  -  One Year Manufacturer Warranty.
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