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Omron MC-246 Digital Thermometer
GG Price: 146.00
Omron MC-246 Digital Thermometer comes Actual measurement, display in 0.1 degree increment. Professional accuracy...
Omron HJA-320 Pedometer
GG Price: 944.00
Omron HJA-320 Pedometer 3 dimensional sensor technology used, Displays number of steps, distance and calories burned with 7 days history storage, Contains: Step counter, holder, battery (CR2032 installed)
Omron HEM-7124 Bp Monitor (White)
GG Price: 1532.00
Omron HEM-7124 Bp Monitor (White), Upper ArmBP Monitor Device, Battery Operated, Pulse Rate Indicator, Movement Indicator
Omron MC-343 Thermometer
GG Price: 366.00
Omron MC-343 Thermometer offers a safe, accurate and quick temperature reading. It eliminates any worries about broken glass or mercury hazards.
Omron HJ-325 Pedometer (Blue)
GG Price: 1308.00
Tracks steps, aerobic steps, distance and calories, Stride is automatically calculated based on height and weight...
Omron MC-720 Forehead Thermometer
GG Price: 1746.00
Omron MC-720 Forehead Thermometer, Provides fast forehead temperature measurement, suitable for all ages, including infants and young children. 3 measurement modes: Forehead (body) Temperature , Room Temperature , Surface Temperature (such as a baby bath or bottle)
Omron AC Adapter for Blood Pressure Monitor
GG Price: 568.00
Omron AC Adapter for Blood Pressure Monitor Positive main adaptor for Omron blood pressure monitors, Capacity of 6 volts
Omron NE-C803 Nebulizer
GG Price: 1357.00
Omron NE-C803 Nebulizer comes Low noise with little disturbance for infants & young children. Compact size-ease of preparation, operation and storage...
Omron HEM-7112 BP Monitor
GG Price: 1579.00
Omron BP Monitor Upper Arm (HEM-7112) is designed to measure the blood pressure and pulse rate of people within the range of the designated arm cuff...
Omron HJ-005 Pedometer
GG Price: 726.00
Omron HJ-005 Pedometer Precision of Step counting Within +/- 5% (by vibration testing machine)Battery Life Approx. 1 yearExternal Dimensions Approx. 63.5 x 36.3 x 23.0 mmWeight Approx. 24 g (including the battery)Accessories Battery (one built-in LR43)
Omron HEM-8712 Blood Pressure Monitor
GG Price: 1516.00
Omron HEM-8712 Blood Pressure Monitor comes Easy, One-Touch Operation, Detects irregular heartbeat...
Omron HEM-7113 Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor
GG Price: 1606.00
Omron HEM-7113 Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor contains an arm cuff that is extremely comfortable on arm. There is no need of additional accessories like stethoscope while using the product. It automatically inflates and deflates, offering a convenient usage.
Omron HGM-112 Glucometer
GG Price: 940.00
Omron HGM-112 Glucometer Blood Glucose Monitoring System HGM-112 is intended as an aid to monitor and control blood glucose levels.
Omron HEM-7120 Blood Pressure Monitor
GG Price: 1516.00
Omron HEM-7120 Blood Pressure Monitor comes Body Movement Detection, Hypertension Indicator, Irregular Heartbeat Detection...
Omron HJ-321 Pedometer
GG Price: 1969.00
Omron HJ-321 Pedometer 10,000 Steps per day for successful weight loss weight loss, this should be between 12,000 ? 15,000 steps per day.
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